Annotated Bibliography

A few of the most useful resources I’ve found for the job search:

A very useful collection of articles by faculty on search committees, and resources for every stage of the search process. Check early and often.

An indispensable resource for all grad students, but especially helpful for its appendix of sample job application documents (particularly re: teaching, on which I’ve modeled my own Teaching Portfolio guide).

A snappy blog by Karen Kelsky. Just peruse the right-hand sidebar and read whatever entry is most useful to you at the moment – she writes quite helpful stuff on everything from the cover letter to the campus visit.

Without question one of the most useful guides ever written on CV/resume formatting, and absolutely worth the effort to read and follow its suggestions.

A comprehensive Harvard guide to graduate school. Useful sections on the job search, especially on writing a dissertation abstract and preparing your materials.

Personal reflections by a compsci PhD. with a “two-body problem”; the most useful sections are “Preparing for Interviews” and “Interview Trips,” which give you a blow-by-blow of what you’re likely to encounter and how to approach it.

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